Interview Assessment for Tier 4 Student Visa

Over the last few years there has been a noticeable increase in refusal rates for UK Tier 4 Student Visa applications. Interviews are increasingly being used to assess applicants for Student Visas, particularly if you are not applying as a national of a 'low-risk country' such as Australia, Japan, Malaysia or Singapore.

The point of the interview is to help the Home Office assess whether the applicant is a genuine student or not, and it can carry quite a lot of weight in your overall application. If your interviewer feels on the basis of your interview performance that you may not be a genuine student, then you may risk the outcome of your application. And it is possible that this may be caused purely because of poor interview technique.

Here at Five Star International, we believe that you can and should take all possible steps to improve your chances of successfully getting your visa - and that interview technique can be learned and practised just like any other skill.

One of the most important areas where you can improve your chances of getting your Tier 4 Student Visa is in the Interview Assessment - this will be a one-off interview with a Home Office employee, in English, about the details of your application to study in the UK.

Interviews can be stressful at the best of times, especially if something as important as your continuing education and future career plans depend upon it - not to mention if English is not your first language!

Therefore interview preparation is very important, since it can help you to plan out in advance how you will get across the necessary information about your situation, help you to think of answers to frequently asked questions, and give you experience of the interview format.

The main function of the interview is to assess your English language skills, your motivation and level of commitment to continuing your education at your chosen institution in the UK, to understand your personal history as well as your future plans, and to examine your ability to self fund in the UK - so you really do need to have everything clear in your mind before the start of the interview.

From a psychological point of view it is very useful to practice for this assessment since it will help you to remain calm during the actual interview itself - meaning that you will be much more likely to communicate your most important points clearly and effectively.

Because of our knowledge and experience of the interview assessment, the Five Star International team are perfectly placed to offer lots of simple and practical advice, tips and feedback to greatly improve your chances of passing the interview portion of your UK Tier 4 Visa application.

Tier 4 Interview Assessment Advice

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