Tier 2 Work Permits and Visas for Skilled Workers

Tier 2 of the Points Based System replaced the previous employer-sponsored work permit system, including intra-company transfers, sportspersons and ministers of religion categories.

The process for Tier 2 work permit applications differs from the previous work permit system, with distinct stages as described below.

Tier 2 Sponsor Licence - Employer Registration

Before the individual can apply for a Tier 2 Work Permit, the employer must first register as a sponsor for Tier 2 and obtain a Sponsor Licence. It is vital that the employer understand and meets their Obligations as a Sponsor. If they fail to maintain the correct and required records and do not meet their Obligations then the Home Office can revoke the right to Sponsor employees and impose fines and Action Plans. These situations can take months to resolve but are easily avoided in the first place by making sure that everything is done correctly. We have extensive experience in this area and will be happy to advise.

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Tier 2 - Certificate of Sponsorship

Once the employer has registered as a sponsor a certificate of sponsorship can be issued. It is vitalthat this is done correctly and that suitable evidence is retained by the employer. If this is not done correctly then there can be serious consequences in the future, with the potential for financial penalties and work permits being revoked.

This has understandably concerned many employers. We can help you to ensure that you meet the Home Office requirements.

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Tier 2 Work Permit Applications

Once the individual has been provided with a certificate of sponsorship by the employer then he or she can make a Tier 2 application. This requires points to be claimed and evidenced in order to be issued with the Tier 2 Work Permit.

If your application is urgent and you will be applying in the UK then we can offer Same Day Visa Processing at the Croydon PEO. Contact us for further information.

Tier 2 Work Permits would usually be issued for a maximum of 3 years. Towards the end of this period an extension application would usually be made. Time spent in the UK under some categories of Tier 2 count towards Indefinite Leave to Remain.