Five Star has over 11 years of experience in the preparation and submission of all types of Immigration applications.

This experience has been crucial in developing our reputation for success and every member of our Team brings something to the table, whether you are dealing with a Director, Solicitor or Caseworker each of us has the same desire to see your application succeed.

The secret to making any successful application is knowing what, when and how.

  • What application is correct for my purposes?
  • When does it need to be submitted?
  • How well can it be prepared?

What, is handled by our Specialist Immigration Solicitors who will guide you as to the correct option to be pursued.

When, is agreed between the Solicitor, the Caseworker assigned to you and most importantly, yourself.

How, is the part where all the above come together, the Caseworker will advise you as to what we need from you, and the better we work together, the stronger the application.

We’ll assist you in every way we can, but you are also part of the Team and we’ll actively encourage you to provide any required Documents and Information promptly to ensure that the date proposed for ‘when’ is met.

Depending on the type of application submitted, lead times for decisions can vary widely, however if an application goes beyond the published processing times for UK Visas and Immigration we will progress chase a decision on your behalf. It can sometimes be difficult to get a definitive or quick answer and we would ask that you remember that this is completely outwith our control.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like assistance.