Training & HR Services

Five Star offers tailored training and advice for Employers and Sponsors.

We cover any and or all of the following areas, dependent on your needs.

• Sponsor Licence Management & Maintenance – What are my duties and responsibilities as Authorising Officer/Level 1 or 2 User? Who does what and when? How do I update? Who do I notify? How do I carry out checks and when are they necessary? Every organisation large or small can have issues with their Sponsor Licence and a proper understanding of the do’s and don’ts can avert major difficulties and the financial and business consequences of Suspension and Revocation. It is also apparent that Sponsor Compliance Officers are focusing heavily on the Sponsor licence holder’s responsibilities and ensuring that these are both understood and carried out exactly as required.

• HR Systems – It is essential that your HR System is tied into (in the case of Sponsor Licence holders) and/or compliant with Home Office requirements with regards to the prevention of illegal working through pre and post employment checks on Migrant staff, meeting documentary recordkeeping requirements with regards to contracts, contact details, the Resident Labour Market Test, where applicable, and ensuring that key dates (such as Visa expiry) are recorded, monitored and checked.

• Recruitment Practices & Prevention of Illegal Working – For all Employers regardless of whether or not they hold or intend to hold a Sponsor Licence, it is crucial that you know how to implement a Recruitment policy which protects your Company from the risks of inadvertently employing an Illegal worker. With the current fine per illegal worker standing at £20,000.00 it is hard to overestimate the importance for Employers of knowing how to carry out the checks required before a new employee starts work and depending on the results of those checks, what further checks you need to make, documents you need to see and information you need to keep on file.

• Rights and Responsibilities – It is important that as Sponsors/Employers you know what both your responsibilities and rights are when you receive a visit from Home Office Compliance or Enforcement. It can be an unnerving experience particularly when unannounced and Five Star can provide training and detailed advice on how to handle the situation when unannounced and if you are or may be unavailable and what will be expected of you and your staff during and after a visit.

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