Sponsor Licence Assistance (Suspension / Revocation)

It has become an increasingly common situation over the last few years for Tier 2 & 4 Sponsors to run into difficulties with their Sponsor Licences leading to their Suspension or even Revocation.

Five Star has been able to assist many Businesses with a range of different issues which have led to either of the above undesirable outcomes.

The key to successfully dealing with Suspension or Revocation when they arise is timing. Do not delay or prevaricate but speak to us as soon as possible.
In general terms issues are identified at or following a Compliance visit which lead to an initial suspension. You will have 28 days from receipt of a Suspension letter to respond, in writing, addressing the issues raised.

This is the optimum time to resolve matters and the sooner we can sit with you and review, in detail the points raised and how they can addressed to the satisfaction of The Secretary of State the better your chance of avoiding revocation. We understand the importance of maximising the use of this timeframe and will ensure that maximum effort is focused on your case.

Even if your Sponsor Licence has already been revoked Five Star can help. In a situation where Revocation has been notified there is no right of appeal and the only recourse you have is Judicial Review.

The threat of Judicial Review can be an effective tool in bringing both parties to a situation where a negotiated settlement may be achieved, we strongly believe that ‘it’s good to talk’ and work extremely hard to achieve a resolution through negotiation, but if necessary have both the experience and talent to represent you in Court.

Five Star uses the services of an Advocate who specialises in Immigration and who will be instructed by one of our In – House Solicitors. We have a track record of success in having Sponsor Licences which have been revoked restored to an A Rating.

No matter the situation you find yourself in Five Star can help. Please feel free to contact us if you would like assistance.